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This page was created to remember DJ's Weircreek Demon Blase. Although his life was short, his life gave me inspiration to make this cross again. Blase's temperment was extrordinary. He was friendly,and outgoing, and began to run rabbits at 8 weeks old. Blase died from complications of Bordetella, a respiratory disease, It rapidly took his life after turning into pneumonia. We tried to save him with the use of amoxicillin, by the vets recomendation, but it was to no avail. This is also to inform those that have had Bordetella in their kennels, and to those that have pups that contract this disease, that this is no harmless condition. If after two days of treatment with a specific antibiotic, you don't see an improvement, get that pup back to the vets office. He/She will then more than likely perscribe a stonger antibiotic to get the situation under control. Clean all areas of your kennels with bleach after you have had an occurance. Always vacinate against bordetella, especially if you field trial, or frequently run with other hounds not from your kennel.

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